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G1totherescue Goes APESHYT

🔥🔥🔥 G1totherescue Goes APESHYT - Play Video!

“I’m not typically an “808 plug-in” type dude when I got a million samples in my Mac, my MPC and a whole nother’ external drive.

However, the APESHYT 808 is a different “beast” altogether (no pun intended) LOL! 

And more often than not, damn near every beat I’ve ever sold to an artist or a licensing opportunity…

I had APESHYT on a track! Almost every preset has a sort of “vintage” character that you typically don’t get from software generated 808s. 

There’s also some really creative subs in there that sound like something I had to travel through the Stargate for. 

It’s like my secret…not so secret sauce because I can’t help but post about it!”

– G1totherescue, Music Producer

Wanna Go Apeshyt, Too?