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In this MASSIVE bundle, you get every expansion created for Apeshyt 808 II. That means you’re getting 380 More BANGIN’ 808s and Subs to cook up back to back FIRE with. Here are all the expansions you get inside this bundle:

100 EXPLOSIVE 808s tweaked and tuned to make your beats BANG louder than a landmine.

50 FIRE 808s that make your beats SLAP hard AF and guaranteed to HIT right on the money!

50 out of this world 808s designed to SMACK and instantly capture ears like an alien abduction!

20 FLAME’N 808s designed to get you cookin’ up beats hotter than a SUANA in the SUMMER!


20 SMACKIN’ SUBS that’ll have you bangin’ out tracks FASTER than a speeding TORNADO!

20 BANGIN 808s designed to make your music sound TOUGHER than a tribal WARRIOR!

20 BLAZE’N 808s hot enough to inspire you to automatically bring the HEAT like a DRAGON!

20 HEAVY HITT’N SUBS that’ll make your beats KNOCK harder than an APE trapped in the trunk!

20 HUGE SUBS designed to make your beats hit hard and SHAKE up the city like GODZILLA!

20 SLAPP’N SUBS guaranteed to FUEL YOUR FIRE and have you cookin’ up HEAT easier than ever!

20 WILD 808s designed to make your beats ROAR like a territorial LION rippin’ thru the jungle!

20 LOUD 808s big enough to make your beats GROWL like PIT PULL on the prowl!

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380 original subs & 808s

Never heard before sounds guaranteed to get you cookin' up back to back bangers easier than ever

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Sounds that let your beats sell themselves and attract more listeners and beat buyers instantly

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