Every Expansion Bundle (For All Apeshyt Plugins)

$1,000.00 $350.00

In this MASSIVE bundle, you get every expansion ever created for all Apeshyt plugins. That means you’re getting 35 BANGIN’ expansions to cook up back to back FIRE with (including hidden and unreleased expansions).

Here are all the expansions you get inside this bundle:

  • Lowland Subs (for Apeshyt 808 II)
  • Godzilla 808s (for Apeshyt 808 II)
  • Drako 808s (for Apeshyt 808 II)
  • Fuego 808s (for Apeshyt 808 II)
  • Tsunami Subs (for Apeshyt 808 II)
  • Tribal 808s (for Apeshyt 808 II)
  • Gas Subs (for Apeshyt 808 II)
  • Cougar 808s (for Apeshyt 808 II)
  • Big Dawg 808s (for Apeshyt 808 II)
  • Gorilla Warfare (for Apeshyt 808 II)
  • Alien 808s (for Apeshyt 808 II)
  • Bankroll 808s (for Apeshyt 808 II)
  • Alkhemy Strings (for Apeshyt Synth)
  • Ancient Flutes (for Apeshyt Synth)
  • Ethnic Synths (for Apeshyt Synth)
  • Knockout Drums (for Apeshyt Drums II)
  • Samurai Drums (for Apeshyt Drums II)
  • Medicinal Drums (for Apeshyt Drums II)
  • Diamond Drums (for Apeshyt Drums II)
  • Golden Keys (for Apeshyt Keys)
  • Funkdefy Bass (for Apeshyt Bass)
  • Bananaz Bass (for Apeshyt Bass)
  • Thriller Bass (for Apeshyt Bass)
  • Gorilla Ensemble (for Apeshyt Symphony)
  • Wolfgang Choir (for Apeshyt Symphony)
  • Queen of Harps (for Apeshyt Symphony)
  • Baboon Bass (for Apeshyt Symphony)
  • Golden Keys (for Apeshyt Keys)
  • Trapaveli Chords (for Apeshyt Evolution)
  • Elemental Synths (for Apeshyt Evolution)
  • Labyrinth Chords (for Apeshyt Evolution)
  • Acoustica Chords (for Apeshyt Evolution)
  • Platinum Chords (for Apeshyt Evolution)
  • Stampede Synths (for Apeshyt Rampage)
  • Rebel Synths (for Apeshyt Rampage)
  • Predator Synths (for Apeshyt Rampage)
  • Renegade Synths (for Apeshyt Rampage)

Are you ready to make your beats BANG like King Kong beating on his chest? Order now!




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